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I.S.S.A. CPT and second E.A.S. Bodybuilding Champion/Spokesperson Brad began his fitness journey at age 13 after being inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book Education of a Bodybuilder. Now, nearly 30 years later, Brad has learned many valuable life-changing lessons that have helped him overcome a severe hearing disability to succeed and reach his dreams and goals.

Today his passion is in helping others to become the best they can be and go for their dreams. Whatever your goals are, whether they are becoming the next Body for Life Champion, improving your health, appearance, or overall outlook on life, let Brad with over 20 years of service to the Central Florida area help you to succeed. Call or email him today to set up your free initial consultation. >>>Contact Brad

Resistance Training:

The health advantages of resistance training are vast. Some of the benefits include reduction of body fat, lower cholesterol levels, lower resting blood pressure, prevention of muscle atrophy and weakness, stress reduction improved metabolism, and better physical appearance through muscle toning and definition.

Orlando Personal Trainer Brad Minns can assist you with your resistance training goals and weight loss goals. Brad assists clients out of several Orlando Gyms as well as at his in-home workout facility, Brad also assists clients across the US.   >>>Contact Brad

Diet/Nutrition Plan:

trx (2)You cannot separate nutrition and exercise. It is a partnership you make for the rest of your life. A healthy, nutritionally balanced eating plan will give you more energy during your workouts, which leads to better results. Properly controlled caloric intake will decrease your body fat and allow you to supply your growing muscles with the nutrients they need.

Brad can get you on the proper diet in order to achieve the results that come from a good nutritional plan. >>>Contact Brad

Monitoring Your Progress:

People are motivated by progress. Progress charting is essential when working with personal training. With each client I will do the following:

  • Help in setting long and short term realistic, reachable goals
  • Perform initial fitness testing to form a baseline from which to work
  • Take body measurements. These are re-evaluated every 6-8 weeks
  • Re-evaluate specific muscular areas with which to adjust workouts if needed
  • Provide constant feedback throughout workouts and consultations

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