Never Give Up Book

The inspiring true story about Brad Minns who overcame deafness to become a champion at tennis, bodybuilding and life!

Down 2 sets to love and five games to zero in the third. Brad Minns’ journey to come from behind at the 1985 World Games for the Deaf in Los Angeles to win the gold medal is one of the most incredible sports comebacks in history!

Never Give Up is the inspiring true story about Brad Minns who, at age 3, became sick with an extremely high fever. The battle over sickness left him with a severe hearing impairment  With the love and support of his family, Never Give Up chronicles Brads life in which he overcomes adversity to win at tennis, bodybuilding and life.

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Pat Williams

“I first heard Brad share his testimony at FCA’s Night of Champions. Brad Spoke with sincere conviction and authenticity about how God turned his life around. His life story will motivate and inspire you to overcome your obstacles and Never Give Up on your God given dream”

Pat Williams, Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic,  Author of The Difference You Make


Kirk Cousins“In the athletic realm, being called “tough” is a high praise. Some are physically tough, other mentally tough… a few are called both. Then there are the Brad Minns’ of the world. Not only physically and mentally tough, but emotionally, relationally and spiritually tough. When it comes to toughness he is the total package. He has rebounded against great odds and excelled on and off the court. His story is worth reading. You will be encouraged to hang tough amid your greatest challenges.”

Kirk Cousins, Former Michigan State QB, Current Member of the Washington Redskins


Stan Smith

“Brad is an inspiration to me and many others and his story brings to light his faith, how he has handled challenges, and his uncompromising will to succeed in the activities that he pursues and in his life in general. Anyone can learn from his story.”

Stan Smith, Former World No.1 and 1987 Tennis Hall of Fame Inductee


Roger-Crawford“Never Give Up is a relevant, insightful, and extraordinarily inspiring! Brad Minns reminds us when we feel like giving up, look up to Christ and your strength will be renewed. If you desire to do more and be more read this book”

Roger Crawford, Best-Selling Author/ Motivational Speaker



David Wheaton “A successful bodybuilder and model, a gold-medal winning tennis pro…. all while being deaf. Some might glance at the life and times of Brad Minns and conclude that he was simply born with the ability to overcome and achieve. That would be missing the whole point. As you will find out in this book, Brad Minns’ path to achievement and fulfillment is one that is accessible to every single one of us. It is about dreams and goals, discipline and attitude, and never, ever giving up. But these are merely the fruit. It is the God whom Brad serves that is the root… and He wants to guide you down your own path.

David Wheaton, Author/Radio Host/ Tennis Champion