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Tennis Student

When I first met Brad, he was my tennis instructor at a local community park. He really helped me by pointing out new techniques and improving my tennis habits. With his help I was able to elevate my game to the competitive level that I enjoy today. Having been exposed to Brad’s inspirational and upbeat…

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We Are The Champions

Quick, what is a champion? Do you know? How do you become one? Can anyone reach the status of champion? I believe so. Anyone who is passionate about something, anything, and loves what they’re doing, has the potential to do extraordinary things. Whether it’s sports, business, teaching or whatever, anyone can strive to become a…

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Invest in Your Health

Ask any financial planner and they will almost always encourage you to invest for the long term. This means never spending more than you earn and setting a little bit of money aside each month for saving and investing. When applied consistently, this strategy almost always enables one to become financially stronger. Those modest deposits…

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